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What day is it again?

Amongst the excitement of a new baby, the pressure of opening up the Estate and the uncertainty surrounding each day, I had completely forgotten we even had a blog.

This weekend we were supposed to welcome our first guests of 2020 and kick start our busiest season yet, instead we’re digging up the garden wondering when we’ll see people again. We had another busy winter, (classic us) which was filled with workmen doing odd jobs here and there, decorators freshening up the Lodge and obviously guests over the festive period. That seems like a lifetime ago now and we’re feeling a little lost by suddenly being completely alone at a time where there would usually be plenty of people around.

It’s hard to stay focused when your end goal is so uncertain, when will we open again? So, I’m going to keep you all posted on what odd jobs we get done here in the time we’ve been given- we must remember to try and keep a positive view on things, even when its difficult.

So let me start with some really, really good news (even better for our guests who know the estate well). Andy has been working closely with the estate next door, Ardmarnock, and they’ve made huge improvements to the road in. A quick trip to Campbeltown brought us some drainage and after taking advantage of Ardmarnock’s Estate Manager’s machine driving (I’m sure there’s a better description than that) experience, they’ve given us a whole new road.

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we’re digging up the wood clippings from the front of the big house and will be putting a boarder in then filling it with compost- I’m confident it’ll look fab! We’ll be doing lots of #2minutebeachclean and getting our steps in too, whilst also finishing off a new fence down the woodland side of the lawn at Crispie House. There’s some concreting to do on the jetty and a few other jobs here and there.

I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress 🙂 I’m also getting on top of our mailing list- don’t forget to subscribe on our website.

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Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who is keeping the world turning during these stressful times, we really are so grateful.

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